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Nagorno-Karabakh, the republic that disappeared overnight

It had been clinging on to its self-proclaimed status in the face of Azerbaijan’s aggression. Then, over a week, the entire population fled

US election

Cornel West’s quixotic presidential bid holds dangers for Joe Biden

He’s not going to win, but his long record of pro-Palestinian activism might attract left-leaning Dems – if he can get on the ballot


Afghans fled the Taliban in droves. Now Pakistan wants to send them back

Omid has been living in Pakistan without a formal permit. The police are trying to push him out


When the New York Times lost its way

America’s media should do more to equip readers to think for themselves


The secret police killed his parents. Then one of them adopted him

Argentines orphaned decades ago by a murderous junta are learning who their real parents were


Give us our homes! The angry victims of China’s property crisis

Millions of people are waiting for homes that may never be built


Britain’s scariest libel firm can pursue anyone, anywhere

The government is trying to rein in firms like Carter-Ruck. It isn’t easy


A wedding and countless funerals: scenes from Gaza’s ceasefire

The lull in bombing offers a respite from loneliness, but not from fear


The man who escaped genocide, twice

Refugees from Sudan are furious with the world for ignoring their plight


Sorry you feel that way: why passive aggression took over the world

From Slack to the dinner table, honesty really is the best policy


The Dutch farmers’ revolt

Can they convert protest to power at the general election?

West Bank

Fear and goading in the West Bank

In the aftermath of Hamas’s attack, violence and intimidation by Israeli settlers towards Palestinians has increased