By Invitation

Women in modern society

Mieko Kawakami on how men can make the world better for women

Fathers must confront their unconscious assumptions, says the Japanese writer

Fifty years of mobile phones

An industry pioneer on the under-appreciated benefits of the global mobile revolution

It has increased productivity, agency and individualisation, says Iqbal Quadir

Artificial intelligence

We need to focus more on the social effects of AI, says Nicholas Christakis

The sociologist’s experiments suggest it will change how humans treat each other

Humanitarian needs

David Miliband sees a new global geography of crisis

Governments and NGOs need to rethink their priorities, says the head of the IRC

Artificial intelligence

AI’s big rift is like a religious schism, says Henry Farrell

In this doctrinal dust-up, very smart people are saying very strange things

The world economy

Tomasz Wieladek has an explanation for recent macroeconomic puzzles

A rare “Friedman” recovery is under way, reckons the economist

The German economy

Germany needs fiscal reform, says the chair of its council of economic experts

Monika Schnitzer argues that investment needs to be given as much priority as consumption

Internet safety

End-to-end encryption protects everyone, says the head of WhatsApp

Will Cathcart warns that “client-side scanning” could mark the end of private communication online

Internet dangers

An online-safety expert argues that end-to-end encryption endangers children

Messaging platforms can and should balance privacy and welfare, says John Carr

American politics

A former Republican strategist laments the party’s “zombie” debates

It’s over. But the other candidates can’t admit it, says Rick Wilson


Why the West needs to stop the global rise of revisionism

There is much more at stake in Ukraine than that country’s fate, argues Kirill Rogov

COP28: host of questions

Rhys Davies and Ben Keith argue that the UAE is a tainted COP host

The Gulf state’s human-rights record suggests it is no champion of open dialogue, say the two lawyers