Dec 23rd 2023

Christmas double issue


Cooler heads, calmer words

How to detoxify the politics of migration

Doom-mongers on both the left and the right are wrong

Maritime mayhem

The US Navy confronts a new Suez crisis

Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping threaten global trade

A dismal year for the dismal science

Economists had a dreadful 2023

Mistaken recession calls were just part of it

The centre can hold

The Economist’s country of the year for 2023

It is possible to enact painful economic reforms and still get re-elected

Santa tech

Technology is helping Santa Claus come to town more efficiently

A letter to shareholders of Father Christmas Global Inc


On investment in Europe, Napoleon, funeral cars, spy novels, euphemisms, flying lawn chairs

Letters to the editor



United States

Middle East & Africa

The Americas



Christmas Specials

The economics of technology

A short history of tractors in English

Pacific pathfinders

The best sailors in the world

How to find your way in the Pacific

Oceania’s wayfinding skills

Desert island dismal science

Why economists love “Robinson Crusoe”


Finance & economics

Science & technology


Economic & financial indicators