Middle East & Africa

A storm over a port

Ethiopia’s gambit for a port is unsettling a volatile region

Abiy Ahmed is doing a deal for a stretch of Somaliland’s coast

The constitutional crisis can wait

Israel’s Supreme Court strikes back

The justices block a controversial law aimed at weakening the power of the courts

Digging in

Israel prepares for a long war in Gaza

But it is unclear how it will end

Ever darker

The year everything (and nothing) changed in the Middle East

Months of bloodshed have only reinforced the region’s existing woes

The year in review

Death, debts and democratic doubts in Africa

After a miserable 2023, can the continent do better in 2024?

A barely governable country

For Congo’s next president, winning may be the easy part

Whoever it is, a staggeringly hard task beckons

Hostage to hell

Israel isn’t sure what to do about the hostages in Gaza

Every option is fraught with danger

A nightmare within a nightmare

A supposed haven in Sudan falls to a genocidal militia

The worse of two bad factions is winning the war

Cancelling Christmas in the Holy Land

The plight of Christians in Bethlehem and Jerusalem predates the latest Gaza war

Their number is continuing to dwindle

Piracy and peace

Attacks on shipping threaten to upend peace talks in Yemen

The Saudis want to end their war with the Houthis, even as America may fight them

Third time unlucky

Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi wins another stage-managed election in Egypt

But his voters are angry about a faltering economy and the war next door in Gaza

In need of guidance

Why is Israel using so many dumb bombs in Gaza?

Smart bombs are more precise but less plentiful. More civilians in Gaza may be dying as a result