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Xi Jinping and China face another tough year

Amid numerous challenges, will the government be able to keep a lid on dissent?

Video The World Ahead

Will the BRICS challenge America in 2024?

The economic bloc wants to compete with America for dominance


China is stoking a controversy in order to influence Taiwan’s election

Is the island’s ruling party trying to “de-sinicise” students?


China is shoring up the great firewall for the AI age

The Communist Party has created a thriving but sanitised digital economy. Can it do the same with artificial intelligence?

Finance and economics

Hong Kong’s problems trace back to China. And also America

The “superconnector” suffers the worst of both worlds

Christmas Specials

Millions of Chinese are venturing to the beach for the first time

China’s beach culture is a microcosm of society


China’s quest to become a robot superpower

As its population shrinks, China hopes machines can pick up the slack


Why China’s rulers fear Genghis Khan

Repression reaches one of China’s quirkiest ethnic communities


China is backing opposing sides in Myanmar’s civil war

But it doesn’t want the murderous junta to fall


The unfair trial of Jimmy Lai begins in Hong Kong

The outspoken media tycoon will be punished for supporting democracy


China’s cities compete for kids

Enlightened self-interest nudges rich places to woo rural families


Japan is a cuddlier friend to South-East Asia than America or China

Relations between Japan and ASEAN are entering a new era

Finance and economics

Is China understating its own export success?

The $230bn puzzle at the heart of the country’s trade figures

Finance and economics

How to sneak billions of dollars out of China

A new era of capital flight has begun