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A Smart Guide for Buying Triathlon Wetsuits

As soon as you have made your decision to buy wetsuit, it means that you have accepted that you’re ready to sift through puzzling brand marketing from Aqua Zealots, Hyperflex wetsuits and more. And while it is true that there countless of available options for experienced triathletes, many of the wetsuits sold nowadays are centered on beginner as well as intermediate levels.

There are many things to be considered when buying triathlon wetsuit so don’t just go to the store and buy anything you find that’s discounted or cheap. One part of purchase that you have to consider is to match your needs and specific requirements to the purchase and of course, to read reviews. And that’s where you have to make more analysis. Make it a point that you have read the next points if you want to be certain that you can find the best wetsuits.

Number 1. Fit – let’s face the fact that wetsuits have this tight fitting and getting in and out of this piece of clothing isn’t easy. That’s how they’re designed and made to be, think snuggly but not to the point that they are too constricting. One important thing to remember is, while dry land comfort is vital, neoprene is expanding when it touches water. Your suit will definitely feel bigger when you’re in the water. When you buy high end wetsuits, the fit is like your second skin and it could be hard to get in.

To ensure that you’re getting only the right size, you may want to refer on Hyperflex wetsuit size chart.

Number 2. Range of motion – related to the fit is the provided range of motion. Think of what you’d be doing in the wetsuit, swimming in open water, racing that you’ve trained for months and so. You have to make sure that every stroke you make when swimming isn’t altered by the wetsuit. To be able to do this, be sure that the wetsuit allows your shoulders and arms move like normal, full swim stroke, all this without pulling down your limbs. Now in the event that the suit is constricting your movement, there is a chance that it can lead to sore shoulders. You might want to read triathlon wetsuits review to know which products and brands are best for your hard earned money.

Number 3. Fabric – neoprene is one of the significant materials that are used in making triathlon wetsuits. The question here is, what type and how thick it is. This neoprene is something that shouldn’t be disregarded for it’s in charge of making the suit’s buoyancy and warmth. You can read about neoprene to get more info.