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We always look for the best stocks to buy in order to gain more money with less risk; choosing stock to buy now is very complicated because you have to search for the best stocks that will never let you down, always remember that you are risking your money so you have to buy the right stock in order to keep it safe as much as possible.

Each of every company always allow you to buy its stocks, so all you have to do is to know all the available information about this company, and how much it earns every year? And what is the percentage of its earnings growth? You will find the answer for all these questions when you follow this company profile and analysis the available numbers from it.
At the moment, you set your eyes on a company that its stock getting higher every day, so it is not the end, and you should buy its stock now, the most common mistake that many of us made that to buy stocks from the first time you find it getting higher.
What should you do?
You should keep watching these stocks every day to find is it really worth or not, few years ago I bought stocks from a company and after two weeks I found these stock falling down and I lost much money, after this mistake I decided to follow and analyse the company and its stocks carefully, in order to avoid these kind of mistakes.
Today we are going to tell you about the top stock to buy.
These stocks are getting high and before buying it you should watch this on your own, we will show the name of the company and its symbol in the stock market in order to facilitate finding it.

1-Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY):  this company could reach more success in the last few years and you can buy its stock safely with low risk.
Annual profits: 12 Billion USD.

2- National beverage corp (FIZZ): you can see that its stocks are getting high every time you look at any report from it.
Annual profits: 645.82M USD

3- Acadia Healthcare (ACHC):  the field of this company is required from many persons, so its future is very great, you can buy its stock and start investing your money with a good trust.
Annual profits: 1.6 billion USD.

4- Monster Beverage Corp (MNST): it’s very fast growing company.
Annual profits: 2.72 billion USD.

5-CVS Health (CVS): this company could reach more success last year and could on the top of the list.
Annual profits: 149.2 billion US.

6-Dollar Tree (DLTR): you can gain more money by buying stocks from this company.
 Annual profits: 12.6 billion USD.

7- Johnson & Johnson (JNJ): very well-known company all around the world, with very low risk.
Annual profits: 70.5 billion USD.

8- Old National Bancorp (ONB):  a company from the top companies you should buy its stocks.
Annual profits: 622 million USD.

9-AbbVie Inc. (ABBV): very famous company in producing medicines and this field is awesome to start investing in it.
Annual profits: 21.9 billion USD.

10-Public Storage (PSA): this company always keeps its position in the stock market.
Annual profits: 2.4 billion USD.

11- RigNet (RNET): no doubt that these company activities are always getting high.
Annual profits: 306 million USD.

12- Twitter (TWTR): the famous social media site that will never let you down.
Annual profits: 2 billion USD.

13- Ulta (ULTA): this company could increase its activities and open more than 100 stores.
Annual profits: 3.5 billion USD.

14- Walt Disney Co. (DIS): No doubt that this company is great and its revenue always increase.
Annual profits: 52.5 billion USD

15- Xerium (XRM): you can try it because of its high revenue every year.
Annual profits: 493 million USD.

Note: this article is just for helping you and we don’t refer to any company, you can search for more companies as well.

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