The Difference Between Investing and Gambling


Today we are going to answer a very important question, as many people used to say that investing is gambling whenever they hear about stock investing, and that made a wrong thought about investing in stocks.

Actually, there is a big difference between investing and gambling because investing was build on studies, learning, knowledge, and analysis, and it is a big world if we compare it with gambling because gambling is just a game and whatever knowledge and experience you have you will lose.

When you have experience and knowledge about investing and stock market you will gain money for sure, for instance, if you have an exam tomorrow, what is the first thing you have to do? Definitely, you have to study, but is studying well will make you pass the exam? Of course, it will because you are going to the exam with knowledge and info that will enable you to pass it. This is how it goes in investing if you are experienced and you have a good knowledge, so the result is gaining money, on the other side if we take a look at gambling could you tell me what knowledge and experience you should have? Honestly nothing, gambling is like an exam that has no books, and you will not pass it, so there is a big difference between both.


Many people say that they made thousands of dollars from gambling, but the truth is, these thousands of dollars were just through luck and nothing else.

As we always recommend you that you have to learn investing well before starting in order to grantee the biggest parentage of making money, and the other great thing about stock investing that, you can deal with a professional broker who will support you with everything and every info and that will make you avoid losses, as we mentioned before, but as for gambling who will support you?

Don’t care about people who say that, gambling is better than investing because they doesn’t know anything about investing and one day they will lose everything they got because what build on no rules will end with no rules.

A lot of gamblers chose to gamble because they hate to learn and study new things, and they hate to work according to strategies and factors, they prefer to make money with no effort, but it will not be for so long.

Always think about your goal, no nothing else and always look at investing as your biggest challenging exam and you have to make it.


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