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Every time we post an article, we always receive this questions from our visitors, how to start investing in stocks with only 1000$, as we always looking for the lowest risk to start investing in stocks, today we are going to answer this question with tips that will help you.

First off, 1000$ is not the good sum of money to get started, as 1000$ might be a sum to make a small start, but to truly start investing you should have more capital, it’s ok as long as you are interested in investing with this 1000$ and you don’t want to wait for the 5000$ (For Example) to invest.

There are two ways we are going to recommend you:

I will enlighten you with each of these ways and will tell you exactly what to do.

The first option is normal investing way:

when you open a normal  brokerage account and you deposit money into it, then you buy your stocks for the first time, great, if you are interesting in doing that so  the best great option for you is let me tell you why OptionsHouse is great option, you are going to find a platform that was built for options trading and you can control everything easily, if you to start with only 1000 USD I would recommend signing up for it, we all know that investing in stocks is very high risking game and with only 1000$ it’s not worth taking this risk at the moment.
Put in your consideration that, with 1000$ you are going to be limited as you can only but three stocks maximum, if you take a look at the rates section or the rates page, you are going to find that each rate with individual stock how much it is going to cost you when you buy it, and if you are going to sell you will see the cost as well, and the great thing about that is there are lot of brokers will charge you more money in each trade, so OptionsHouse is you perfect choice to avoid all these obstacles.

Let me tell you about another great thing about OptionsHouse if you do as you become a better investor there are option 5 contracts for 5 USD and this is great and the best in the market,  at the same time their stocks transaction fees are lower than the other companies but unfortunately, they don’t offer the support or the researches and info, as we all know that these factors are very important because we use it in the decision-making, but OptionsHouse has a great virtual trade account and you can use this virtual money to try investing and find out more by yourself, if you are a new investor you can open more than one virtual account and try more with this virtual money, before opening a real account with your real money.

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The second option will be Loyal3:

how-to-invest-in-stocks-with-1000-2 is going to be awesome for you as it will not cost you more because, it has Zero transaction costs, the way it works is you can invest as little as 10$ in each transaction so you can spread the 1000$ over many more companies you could technically buy 10$ of each one.
You are going to find more companies in this site such as Coca-cola, Apple and many more and if you are to invest 10$ you can try any company you wish, also at the same time the great option about loyal3 is that you can fund you account directly from your credit card and you don’t need to give your account information, such as you are buying anything from the market or an online store.
We all spend more daily using our credit cards so why we don’t invest this money in Loyal3?
Note: you are limited in Loyal3 as you can’t switch to any other option unless after 1 year, as Loyal3 will allow you to do that.
When you buy stocks from Loyal3 they will use the money in your account and when you do the next purchase they will withdraw the money from your credit card.
Hope these companies will be helpful for you and hope we could answer your question about (how to invest in stocks with only 1000$), if there are any question you can send it to us and we will answer it.

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