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Today we are going to talk about why investors lose their money? Defiantly, you will all like to know, because everyone is very excited to start investing in stocks but, unfortunately, they have a little knowledge so they lose.

To have the best strategy you have to try over and over again because it is not easy to make money from investing in stocks as we always tell, to be a successful trader you have to learn more things but now we are going to give you the best tips, in order to start and nothing will be able to stop you.
We have been thinking what the best way to explain it for you because we always care about giving you the best knowledge you can have on the internet.
Imagine if you go to the doctor because you are suffering from disease and when you go to see him he said that:
Doc: my information about medicine is very poor and I haven’t try to treat any patient, but please don’t go I will treat you, and it is very easy and everyone can handle it.
You: what do you know about medicine and how you will treat me?
Doc: I read many posts and I saw many videos on the internet, I don’t have to learn everything, I also don’t need any experience.
May I ask you, will you trust this doctor and let him treat you after hearing all these words from him, and will he succeed?
His knowledge is poor, he hasn’t treated any patient before, and he has zero experience, plus he didn’t study anything belongs to medicine.
Unfortunately, a lot of people act like this Failure Doctor, and they think that they have everything they need to start investing, such as knowledge, info, updates, secrets, strategies and etc. and they need nothing, actually, this is the worst mistake they do.
Of course, we all know the result of that, they are going to fail.

So, what you need to be an investor?

The most common mistake that most investors do that, they are in a hurry and they just look for the money and how to get it.

The most important thing you will ever need is planning


planning will help you in all cases especially when you go down, such as writing your goals and how you will achieve it, also strategies, and everything in your mind.


as we always mention this word in every post, to be a successful trader you have to learn everything first, without this point you will face many problems.
You have to add learning in the top of your planning list.



You have to write every information you get and everything even if you see it not important, one day you will need to open this note and you will find many things will help you forever.
You can try trading through virtual accounts that will cost you no money and you will lose nothing as well, and watch what you will learn from it and write everything such as prices, stock market statistics, and the circumstances.

At the end the most important thing is Risk Management:


if you don’t have this point you will not ever make it because investing and risk are two sides of the same coin. If you ignore any of the two sides you will fail.
Remember that every tip we said above is very important and you should not ignore any one of them and jump to the next one, take it seriously and start with all these steps if you are really want to be a professional investor.

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