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No doubt that we always scare from losing money, and we always avoid involving in new business because of this losing, investing is stocks is one of the scariest business for many of us because we don’t know more about it and don’t know how to use it well, and if we think a little bit, we are going to find a box full of money and we should have the key to open it and this key is strategies as it the best ways you can gain money from investing in stocks.

So we always recommend you to go for the right place to get the right information such as searching online, reading books Etc.

In this article, we will make it simpler and you will learn more about strategies.

First off, what are stocks?

Stocks are most likely a contract between you and the company as they have to pay you a profit for the stocks you have from it, so you can consider yourself a partner and you will get paid when the company gets revenue.


What should I do if I need money quickly?

There is nothing you can do because there are many factors affect the stock price and you will never control it, so if you need money fast it’s not the right place, investing in stocks depends on long-term and you have to wait.

When should I sell my stocks?

you have to sell it when you find it lose and its price going down if your stocks give you revenue so don’t think about selling it in order to get a quick money.

Have you ever heard about someone sold his company to get money quickly? Consider this business is your project and you have to grow it.

Do you want to buy more stocks?

You can do it easily and this is a good strategy as you will get paid for a different type of stocks, but if you don’t have enough money so there is no need for taking this risk, just be patient and see what the destiny of your current stocks is and what experience you got?

We recommend you to save money once you get paid and don’t save money and then invest it all again because one day you will need this money for any purpose, and you don’t grantee the stock market as everything may fall down.

Invest for a long-term.

Stock marketing is a long-term investing and you should follow this strategy every time you invest in stocks as it will allow you to gain money with low risk and low experience.

Decide what to choose.


Choosing your stocks is the hardest part and the most important step at the same time; it’s not hard because of anything but deciding the right stocks and researching every day, as you have to analysis the company’s fundamentals find the high value stock that will deserve your efforts.

you have to know what the company you choose is working for, how does it work and its position in the market during the last 5 years, is this position get up high or fall down?

Also, you have to decide when you buy socks and when you sell it and it depends on stock market researches.

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