Investing in Stocks Failure & Success


No doubt that there are a lot of traders who succussed in investing in stocks and there are also who failed, we always wondering why this happens? Let me tell you that to be succussed at investing not impossible matter all you need is work for it.

For example, your goal is to be a dentist what the stages you will face?

1st: thinking

2nd: learning

3rd: working as dentist

4th: destiny

1st: when you start to fix a clear goal and you keep thinking about it and can’t get it out of your head.

2nd: you will learn how to be a dentist in collage and you will be examined about what you learned.

3rd: work as a dentist in the hospital.

4th: you destiny and it is all about failure and success, will you be a successful dentist and everyone will trust you? Or you will just become unknown dentist between thousands of dentists?

Let’s get back to trading, from the moment you start thinking about trading so, you are going to face 4 stages too:

1st: thinking

2nd: learning

3rd: investing

4th: destiny

All these four stages you are going to face after you decide to start trading; let get back to them, the 1st stage is the potential when you started thinking about it and you find trading is a great way to make money, and this reason will push you to do anything to get your goal.

2nd stage: is learning and it is considered one of the most important things you have to do before starting, and the first step you have to take.

3rd stage: investing after you learn everything about investing and how to make money from it and also the strategies, so you have to start investing.

4th stage: destiny and it belongs to what you are going to face, are you going to face failure or success?


From my point of view stage 4 depending on what you did in stage three because if you have no idea about what you are doing you will never success.

If we think about the two examples above about investing and dentist, if we replace dentist with any other dream career we will find that stages in dentist or any career will cost us money and time, becoming a dentist or engineer will take years to be done but becoming investor will not take all this long time, because once you learn it you can start with no difficulty, just create a brokerage account and funding it and then start freely.

Also, if we think about the effort between being dentist or investor, off course you will not make the same effort, as investing doesn’t need more effort like being a dentist, so don’t think about it too much and don’t say deep inside yourself that investing in very hard and I will never make it, trust me just give a good effort to education and trying through the virtual accounts and believe in yourself, and set your eyes on success, sure you are going to make it.


The first example how to become a dentist without studying everything about dentistry? No doubt you would never be a dentist without studying, and you will never be an investor if you don’t learn, because you are risking your money, and there is no need to lose it.

Not only the effort also the money, if you are a dentist you will not get paid higher as an investor.

So, you have a treasure all you need is to learn how you can get what you need from it intelligently.

Hope you learn it well, for any inquiries e-mail us.

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