How to invest in stocks –The Best Guide for Beginners 2016


The last five years I decided to start Investing in stock because after trying many different kinds of business I found that it’s the best way to make money, when I started I faced many problems and I lost money, because I didn’t find the right way to learn to trade as it should be, what I’m going to tell you is my experience for the last five years for beginners and also how I could make money and why I lost in the beginning.

First thing you have to do choosing the right stock, because the right stock will put you on the safe side and far away from any lose, I always recommend you to try as much as you can to buy the right stock because the percentage of going down is lower than 50% and this is great to save your money.

To buy the right stock you have to buy it from the right company, such the best company that I always trust its stocks is Johnson & Johnson because its dividend increases more every year than the last.

If you are thinking about buying stock from technology companies such as Samsung, Apple, and Sony, it will be your biggest mistake, because these kinds of stocks demand to be professional at investing because its market moves so fast and you have to be up to these changes, if you couldn’t make the right decision quickly you will lose all your money, also avoid investing in gold because its market like technology market.


Another great and strange strategy, is buying stocks when the stock market in falling down and every investor sell his stocks, as for you, don’t sell your stocks no matter what happens around you or because you are afraid for your money, let me tell you why I said that, a few years ago when I was investing my stocks value was going down and it was very scary and risky if I kept them, so, I decided to sell all, after two months their value increased 100% and I was very depressed, I recommend you whenever you find the market falls down and your stocks value is falling don’t sell it just wait and follow all the news websites that give an accurate information about stock market.

How to invest in stocks

There are a lot of opportunities you can have when you follow the news, for example, if Samsung said that it will produce a new product such as Samsung Galaxy Edge, what I was seeing in the news that everyone is buying this cell phone, and I bought Samsung Stocks, the purchasing price was 100$ and after Galaxy Edge the stocks increased 50% plus its main price.

How to Start investing with 1000$ or less & how to stay away from high fees companies.


Also you have to get hit and run strategy out of you head, as you will never succeed in investing, when I used this strategy when I was beginner it made me lose many great opportunities, so what I recommend you to do is reinvesting some of the profits you get in other great stocks as that will increase your profits every year and also the value of your stock will go up if you decide to sell it definitely the sale price will be higher than the purchase price  , this strategy made me made a thousands of dollars in a very short time.

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