How To Invest In Stocks (Part1)

There is no doubt that every one of us is looking for the easiest way to be wealthy, not only the easiest but the fastest also, as this is our dream to be wealthy and this is our goal that we have to put it before our eyes everywhere we go, today we are going to take a look at how to invest in stocks.

Investing in stocks, is one of the popular ways that you should take it into consideration, but before you begin must learn many things about investing in stocks, always consider that, investing in stocks is a new business you are going to begin and you have to pay money for this beginning, if you don’t calculate every little step you take in this business, for sure you are going to lose your business and your money too.

Whenever you start investing in the stock market, you have to pay money for this, so be careful we don’t want to lose a cent, and so learn how to invest in stocks carefully.

You can read many posts on our site that will enlighten you with everything about stock investing, and there are many more books, you can read, etc


In this article we are going to enlighten you with useful steps about how to start investing in stocks:

1-   Read more:

As we mentioned above that the most important factor in this business that you should learn and practice more as much as you can in order to begin rightly with few mistakes, try to stay in touch with stock investors online through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Forums Etc. In order to gain knowledge from them, and we recommend you to create a special account on each of these social media sites in order to make it special for stock investing.

2-Determind Your Aims And Write It:

Before getting started you have to write what you are looking forward to, and why you choose to invest in stocks, did you choose it because of money? Or you choose it because you have a little experience and want to learn more about it? Etc.

We don’t advise you to set money your first goal, just set learning and experience your first goal, in order to start with low risk, because we all know if you are in a hurry with no experience you will lose your money and you may not try to invest in stocks again, so stay calm because it deserves.

3- Think About Losing:

Now, you are going to ask should I think about losing. The answer is yes, you have to put losing into consideration, and ask yourself, what I will do if I lose, we told you about the risk above and its business like any other business on the ground, there is a risk and you should accept it, today you lose tomorrow you will gain money just be flexible with it and don’t leave the battle.

4- Search For The Highest Stocks Revenue:

The stock market is full of stocks, where you should choose carefully and slowly, if you find a stock that getting higher every day, don’t be in a hurry and start with it, just keep watching it and you will understand many factors that effect on it.

Note: when you keep searching you will find better, so don’t lose better opportunity!

6-What Is Your Intention About Investing In Stocks?

What do you think about the risk? Do you prefer investing in low-risk stocks and get paid a little sum of money?? Or you are a risk taker and will invest in high-risk stocks and get paid higher?? It’s very complicated, but you have to choose between both.

7- Pick Your Strategy:

Fast strategy: when you prefer to buy stocks and sell it in a very short time, once you find its price getting higher.

Slow Strategy: on the other side we will find people prefer to buy stocks and forget about it, as they find their stocks are getting high and they keep on waiting.

8-Open your First Account:

We recommend you to start opening your first brokerage account, don’t worry, this step is very easy to be done as there are many companies and sites that will allow you to open an account with a small sum of money in order to try investing, there are companies that you can start investing with 20$ – 1000$ or more, you can choose any one you like to start with.

Note: before investing search for the company and ask who tried it because there are many spam companies.

Hope this article was helpful for beginner and made them understand a little about how to invest in stocks.

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