Best Strategy Will Help You to Choose Between Sell and Hold.


First off we always fall in this confusion during trading and we always ask when we should sell and when we should hold? And this decision is too risky as you can gain money or lose money, so we have to be careful, today we are going to diamond many factors and a great strategy to tell exactly what you have to do (hold or sell).

Let me ask you a question first, what the meaning of the word (SELL)?

It’s very simple and clear, but it is not what I mean, because when you say I’m going to sell, so you are going to sell all your shares, not 50% or 60% of it (for example).

If you have 500 shares so you will sell all of them, perhaps, sell will make your trading in stocks is finished, right?

Actually, all these meaning above is not true, it is all depends on what traders thinking, because you can sell your shares but not all you have, you can sell 50% as you don’t have to sell all of it.

As we always recommend you that investing in stocks is very risky, so have to think before you act because one wrong decision may cost you more.


So, let’s make is simple and get into the strategy:

For instance: you have 500 stocks, definitely, we have two things to think about

1st: the price raised up high.

2nd: the price fell down.

And these are the common situations, the 1st situation when the price raised, no doubt it’s great and we always say that awesome because we still have the shares, but the 2nd is very bad situation and we all hate to be in it, and when this happens we always say why we didn’t sell?

What about if traders sold 50% of their stocks?

If the price raised up they will be so happy because they will make good profits when they sell the other 50% and it will make up for them.

If the price fell down they will not be mad as the traders who still have 100% of their stocks, and they still have an opportunity to sell the rest.

Everything You Need To Know About Stock Market.

If you take a look at the examples above you are going to find that the traders who sell 50% from their stocks have a very great opportunity in the two cases when the price fell down and when the price raised, in the two cases they can handle anything and when the price fell down they will not lose as the traders who didn’t sell, and when the price raised they will make more money.

What about the traders who sell everything?

1st: the price raised up high.

2nd: the price fell down.

1st: they will be very sorry about that because they lost a great opportunity that was able to make them gain more money.

2nd: they will be very happy because they saved themselves from a great loss and they still have their money and they can buy stocks again and start investing.

We always feel this confusion every day and we are not sure about the right decision, and we can’t get these changes of the stocks prices because there are many factors effect on the stock price and stock market, so we recommend you to sell 50% (for instance) of you stocks not 100% of your stocks, because you have a good opportunity in two cases as you can start again and get more money, and also you can save your money.

You can sell more or less than 50% and it belongs to the stock market changes, I tried this strategy many times and I could get the best trading results.

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