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October 6, 2019


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The Benefits of Escape Room Play to your Company

Many successful companies nowadays actually uses play as a way for them to enhance the collaboration and creativity of employees. When you are ever looking for ways on how you could challenge your employees, an escape room game would be the best option.

Escape game seattle games are considered to be a healthy distraction from work-related stress and can also offer other benefits that can in fact improve the workplace. Before you book for it, it’s best that you know about the various benefits that it can actually give.

Helps Enhance Creativity

Seattle escape room games actually offer teams an opportunity of using and applying their problem solving skills. If you are going to challenge yourself and others of thinking outside the box, it can give different benefits which helps to other areas of life. Another reason which innovates companies on escape room games is where this gives them a break from their daily normal working routines that helps increase idea generation.

Encouraging Collaboration

Even if collaboration has been applied already, encouraging team working through a new context could stimulate communication and idea synthesis skills. Putting them in newer situations that have new set of problems in a novel environment can help to break the routine of the employees where they mostly just work with their own departments. With the room escape seattle games, it offers employees the chance to mix with other teams from various departments and challenges them to work together efficiently.

Stress Reducer

Studies actually shows that when there’s constant business in the workplace, it leads to stress that then leads to reduced productivity. In other words, stressing out your employees on daily task completion will not help improve overall productivity. It is best to take a break and to consider engaging in play because it helps to reduce stress, increase the ability for the employees to focus and will also increase long-term productivity.

Building Empathy

Teams that will struggle together will stay together. When employees face and overcome different challenges, this will help in creating empathy. Victories are truly important, but being able to fail and struggle together as a team in a problematic situation will give the team members the chance where they can express their responsiveness, appreciation and their compassion.

Increases Motivation

Problem solving helps the brain to release dopamine. Dopamine not only triggers our brain in experiencing pleasure and is also important to have an increase in motivation.

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